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MP3 Recording Section

Song Name Producer Bitrate File Size
Lightening Force - Stand Up Against Myself - Staff Roll nZero/Prion VBR 2.38MB
Mega Man 7 - Skull Castle Intro + Final Stage nZero/Prion 160kbp/s 2.32MB
Mega Man X3 - Intro Stage nZero/Prion 160kbp/s 1.92MB
Raiden - Gallantry nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 3.54MB
Raiden - Rough and Tumble nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 3.13MB
Raiden - Fighting Thunder nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 3.31MB
Raiden - Lightning War nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 2.51MB
Raiden - Go To Blazes! nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 2.16MB
Raiden - Continue nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 939KB
Raiden - Inter Mission nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 229KB
Raiden - Name Register nZero/Prion 192kbp/s 1.28MB
Note: Do not redistribute these files without their original ID3 tags intact.
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